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Your Goals, Your Training Program

We set our focus on core muscle strength, joint care, and nutrition to help you achieve your goals. The exercise selection is tailored to your individual needs and assessments. My programs are handwritten and personalized.

My approach focuses on restoring the deep core musculature and caring for the joints, including stabilization and strength training.


In this phase, we also address previous physical challenges to clear the runway for a sustainable training plan.

Nutrition is an integral part of our coaching program for a simple reason:


A well-nourished body, including organs, glands, and the digestive system, significantly contributes to vitality. A properly functioning body supports your training.

In our training, we move at your own pace towards strength, with exercises progressively building upon one another. Each exercise is carefully chosen and forms the foundation for the next. This is the most effective method for mastering a goal-oriented sustainable training plan.

Your goal, your personalized training program. Whether you want to alleviate tennis elbow pain, regain the ability to carry your grandchildren, or simply enhance your vitality and perform injury and illness prevention exercises – this program will lead you to your objectives with a stable and sustainable foundation!

An individualized handwritten program ensures that all exercises are available for review before and after coaching. The original document (above) includes several pages for each mastery cycle, with exercises that build upon the previous ones, with a clear outcome-oriented goal.

I am extremely satisfied with the care I received from Hadi! He not only gave me excellent advice on nutrition, but also gave me interesting insights into cyclic training. His expertise and professionalism, but above all his pleasant manner, helped me to achieve my goals. I appreciate his individual support! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a dedicated and competent coach!

Vera Passy

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