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The Body 
A System of Systems

Injury Rehabilitation
Pain Management


During this work you are learning a set of skills to understand how the body systems work and how to move away from pain and towards strength.


In this health and vitality program, we set self-determined goals to optimize your physiological systems.


I am trained in promoting holistic health and enhancing well-being.


During my work, the body is scientifically assessed to identify any limitations that may hinder the achievement of optimal health and pain free living. In this way, your goals can be realized on a solid foundation.


Throughout our work, you will acquire a variety of skills to understand how the body systems function and how to retain strength. This includes, for example, learning appropriate mobilization exercises or training sequences to alleviate pain, recognizing the body's warning signals, and understanding the functioning of the digestive system. 


Sports therapy can be more effective than many other types of therapy because this approach strengthens the body, whereas other methods often do not. At AgamChi, we embark on a strength and wellness journey, during which you learn how to treat injuries yourself, reducing the need to visit therapists.

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