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About me

As a lifelong learner, I encourage others to join me in continuous growth.


My qualifications and experiences extend to functional exercise and holistic work with the body.


My Story

I was born in Germany and grew up in Cologne. In my later life, my family moved back to Egypt. At the age of 16, I moved to the United States, where I completed high school and college. My studies included business administration and conflict resolution & peace strategies. During this time, I realized that my thinking and actions were conditioned. Seeing the limitations of my understanding, I began to explore the world with an open perspective.

With this realization, a new chapter in my life began. I sought meaning and happiness in various parts of the world, starting in the financial district of Boston, through the international private sector in Egypt, to remote rural areas such as the Bhutanese Himalayas and Northeast India.

Immersing myself in diverse cultures, I encountered the universal connection between health and we--being. I observed that when health and meaning align, stress, pain, and fatigue tend to recede. Conversely, I also witnessed individuals in the corporate world compromising their values and health in pursuit of professional success.


A spinal cord injury forced me to confront a new reality. Medical professionals suggested pharmaceutical solutions and brief physiotherapy visits to manage the pain, but I realized that our inner strength and capacity for self-regeneration are often overlooked. We don't always need to numb pain; we possess the innate power to regenerate ourselves.


This injury compelled me to shift my focus inward and embark on a path of regeneration. I specialized in integrated movement sciences, sports-performance, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and gastrointestinal health.

My mission became clear: to empower individuals to unlock their inner well-being and health, offering strategies to overcome physiological barriers. In my coaching work, I share these strategies and knowledge to help you optimize your health, prevent injuries, and regain a sense of balance and meaning in your life.

Neck and Shoulder Pain


canva spine.png


In my 2020 cervical spine image (Figure 2), the disc pushes deep into the spinal canal, affecting nerves that extend into the upper back, chest, and upper limbs. This can create a searing, electric-like pain radiating from the spine to the neck, arms, shoulders, and head, often forming sensitive "trigger points" along nerve pathways. This condition can contribute to sleeplessness and depression due to the persistent discomfort and disruption it causes.

In Figure 3, you can see me on a rope, symbolizing "Freedom of Movement" in my pain-free body. I achieved this without resorting to surgery, prescribed painkillers, or frequent physiotherapy visits. While I initially attempted physiotherapy, it did not provide a lasting solution to my condition.


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