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About me

My Story

I was born in Germany and grew up in Cologne. Later in life, my family returned to Egypt. At the age of 16, I moved to the USA, where I completed high school and college. My studies included business administration as well as conflict resolution and peace strategies.

My career path led me from the financial district of Boston through the international private sector in Egypt to remote rural regions such as the Bhutanese Himalayas and Northeast India.

After an injury to my cervical spine, a disc bulge, specialists advised me to take prescribed medication and undergo short physiotherapy visits to cope with the injury and alleviate my pain. However, it became clear to me that we don't always need to seek anti-inflammatory medications and that we often have the power to regenerate ourselves.



Since the therapy didn't help me, I initiated my own regeneration process and specialized in integrated movement sciences, sports performance, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and holistic health of the gastrointestinal tract.
















In my work, my responsibility is to accompany you and promote your well-being and health.

Back Pain


Herinated Disc


In my 2020 cervical spine MRI (Figure 1 & 2), the disc pushes deep into the spinal canal, affecting nerves that extend into the upper back, chest, and upper limbs. This can create a searing, electric-like pain radiating from the spine to the neck, arms, shoulders, and head, often forming sensitive "trigger points" along nerve pathways. This condition can contribute to sleeplessness and depression due to the persistent discomfort and disruption it causes.

Disc Bulge

In Figure 3, you can see me lying on a rope in my pain-free body, symbolizing 'freedom of movement'. I achieved this without resorting to surgery, prescribed painkillers, or frequent physiotherapy visits. Although I initially tried physiotherapy, it did not provide a lasting solution to my problem. (For more on physiotherapy and how to achieve the best results, see my blog post: 'From Pain to Strength: A Personal Journey in Muscular and Articular Longevity').


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