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Visiting antiquities
Image by Dyaa Eldin Moustafa
Image by Amira Shawky
Image by Jeremy Bezanger


Excursion Through a Wonderful Land

In offering these excursions, I'm not referring to crowded tour buses, glossy pamphlets, or inexpensive souvenirs. Rather, I invite you to embark on an authentic journey through the heart of Egypt—a genuine adventure that transcends commercialism and transports you to the rich culture and heritage of a bygone era.

To me, tourist traps represent one of Egypt's most significant challenges—a true tragedy. These historical marvels are often overshadowed by commercial interests. However, I aim to change this narrative for those who are open to discovering the genuine Egypt, going beyond the superficial impressions found on Google Images.

If your desire is to bypass the crowded tourist sites and delve into the authentic essence of this land, allow me to be your guide on this expedition. Together, we can uncover the natural wonders that this ancient land has preserved.

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The Mystery Of The Past 

A Continuous Unveiling

Visiting Pyramids
Retreat Sinai

PROJECT: Awakening with Earth

Part of my passion for Egypt is rooted in my belief in natural, wholistic health and of course the warm culture. And that is what we are here to explore and embody throughout this journey. 


The ancient Egyptians saw the Nile River as holy, for the Nile’s flow represented the moving and passing of life. Which brings the question:


Is there greater purpose for us as part of the world, as a collectively evolving consciousness that comes and visits the planet for a certain time?

This journey through Egypt is a deep dive. The diet consists of local dishes. Part of the journey is without electricity, immersed in exceptional silence under the stars and storytelling around the fire.

What's included?

AUTHENTIC TRIP EGYPT: Discover carefully picked locations

ANTIQUITIES: Visit non-overcrowded sites

LOCAL DISHES: Locally sourced dishes


NATURAL REMEDIES: Immerse in natural remedies and wholistic health through hot springs; natural salt baths & more

DISCOVERING REAL EGYPT: Be amidst of where the action is happening


Retreat Schedule

New Moon: May 2 - 10

Full Moon: May 19 - 27

2400 EUR - All-Inclusive

Private Excursions Upon Request

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