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Self-development is truly a hero’s journey. It is evident by looking at all the stories told over human history. Seldom the great thinkers, heroes and wise people stayed at home. They were called to a spirit quest.

retreat egypt
Visiting antiquities
Image by Dyaa Eldin Moustafa
Image by Amira Shawky
Image by Jeremy Bezanger


Spirit Quest and Adventure through an Ancient Land

With this retreat, I do not mean tour buses, pamphlets, and cheap souvenirs. I mean an authentic journey through the heart of Egypt – an adventure that cuts through commercialism and takes you back to the culture and heritage of a bygone era. 

If you ask me, tourist traps are one of Egypt’s biggest downfall. A tragedy, in fact. These marvels of history are cloaked by commercialism – but I want to change that for those who are willing to open their eyes and explore the real Egypt beyond the surface of Google Images.

If you want to skip the overcrowded antiquities and explore the real underbelly of the Land of the Pharaohs, then let me guide you on this journey – so you can immerse in the natural wonders this ancient land has to offer.



Retreat Sinai
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Part of my passion for Egypt is rooted in my belief in natural, holistic health – something Egypt was pretty well-known for. And that is what we are here to explore and embody throughout this journey. 


The ancient Egyptians saw the Nile River as holy, for the Nile’s flow represented the moving and passing of life. Which brings the question:


Is there greater purpose for us as part of the world, as a collectively evolving consciousness that comes and visits the planet for a certain time?

This journey through Egypt is a deep dive, visiting sights in solitude. The diet consists of organic and local dishes. Part of the journey is without electricity, immersed in exceptional silence under the stars, storytelling around the fire, mindfulness circles and more.

Visiting Pyramids

What's included?

AUTHENTIC TRIP EGYPT: Discover carefully picked locations

ANTIQUITIES: Visit non-overcrowded sites

ORGANIC FOOD: Fresh, locally sourced, organic dishes

MUSCULO-SKELETAL ASSESSMENTS with Hadi and corrective exercises

NATURAL REMEDIES: Immerse in natural remedies and wholistic health through hot springs; natural salt baths & more

DISCOVERING REAL EGYPT: Be amidst of where the action is happening

NIGHTSKY CAMPING: Connect your body, mind, and soul with the spirit of the earth

Retreat Schedule

November 8 Days

November 14 Days

December 8 Days

December 14 Days

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