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SIBO essentials to consider before attempting treatment


Navigating the complexities of a Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) protocol requires careful consideration and informed decision-making. Before embarking on a journey of testing, protocols, and dietary adjustments, understanding key aspects of SIBO is crucial. This brief article serves as a guide, offering insights into the emotional challenges faced by those with SIBO, the importance of proper protocols, and the financial considerations involved. By shedding light on these essential elements, this introduction aims to prepare individuals for the intricacies of addressing SIBO and avoiding potential pitfalls in their pursuit of improved gut health.

Self-diagnosis in the Age of Information

Some essential considerations about SIBO merit attention before committing significant time, money and emotions to its management. If uncertain about the condition's presence, it is crucial to undergo SIBO testing, especially since there are other conditions with similar symptoms, but in fact are not SIBO. In today's information age, self-diagnosis attempts are common, leading individuals to purchase supplements based on internet information. Testing for SIBO early on can save both a lot of time and money.

Friends, Family and Support

Engaging in a SIBO protocol is a complex undertaking and is not advisable during periods of high stress or major life changes. 

Often, friends and family may dismiss SIBO, attributing it to imagination and suggesting a quick fix with antibiotics. The emotional challenge arises from the lack of understanding and support within the patient's circle, as SIBO is a condition that is only now gaining attention but is not yet widely recognized even within the medical community.

The patient's inner circle may pressure them to consult a doctor, unaware that many medical professionals lack expertise in SIBO. Misguided antibiotic prescriptions can worsen the situation.

It may be helpful to share an article with friends and family explaining SIBO, such as Dr. Rajsree's Herbal Protocol for SIBO: Treat Your Gas, Bloating, and IBS!.

Dr. Rajsree’s video not only outlines an example of a SIBO protocol, but also gives a short and comprehensive review of what SIBO is. 

Sharing suchlike articles with friends and family will show them what the patient will be going through for the next months. Sharing this in advance allows friends and family to have a better understanding enabling support during the protocol. 

Pre- and Probiotics

Avoid supplementing with pre or probiotics during the protocol. The underlying issue in SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut. While some health professionals recommend certain probiotics, it is advisable according to my research to introduce them only after completing the protocol successfully. Consult with your health professional to find out what is best for you.

Financial Preparation

SIBO treatment can be expensive, as it is often not covered by insurance. Understanding the financial commitment, which include multiple sessions with healthcare professionals, the cost of supplements and SIBO testing, is vital. Budgeting for unforeseen expenses is wise to prevent stress and potential discontinuation midway.

An estimate may look like this (every healthcare professional has a different financial scope):

  • Healthcare professional who may charge a minimum of 100 USD per session times 5-20 sessions, depending on the case

  • 2 SIBO tests may amount to around 150 USD

  • Supplements may amount to 500 USD or even more.

Getting a clear understanding of the financial commitment and budgeting for unforeseen expenses is essential. It is helpful to consult with the health professional to communicate clearly the financial range that may be involved. 

Not only FODMAP Diet Considerations!

Understanding the dietary aspect of SIBO is challenging, involving not only reducing SIBO-feeding foods but also eliminating those causing gut inflammation. Proper digestion, including soaking nuts, is crucial to prevent undigested food from lingering in the digestive tract or even worse irritating the digestive tract. 

Completion of a Protocol

After completing a protocol and testing negative for SIBO, caution is essential. A negative test does not guarantee clearance, and reintroducing foods should be approached gradually over weeks and even months. Once tested negative an additional 6 months post care protocol should be accounted for to be absolutely certain. Consult with your health professionnel to find out what is right for you. 


For individuals with SIBO, the abundance of information, the dietary limitations and lifestyle changes can lead to stress and despair. Always remember the protocol is just for a few months and it will pass. 

This article aims to provide a concise overview of critical considerations before embarking on a SIBO protocol, which I wish I had known before. Of course consult with a health professional before embarking on your SIBO protocol. 

Much success on your journey. I found SIBO to be a blessing in disguise as it led me to understand health much better. 

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