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Digestion and Self-Confidence

One of the most frustrating things is food and digestive-related diseases. They can be anything from diabetes, bacterial infections, intolerances, under or overweight, to even blood pressure handling.

The reason why food-related diseases are so darn frustrating is that they can affect our self-consciousness. People suffering from such challenges are daily confronted with hard decisions.

Some of the questions and thoughts a person suffering from digestive-related diseases can have, include:

  • I want to eat this, but should I? Can I?

  • Will I be able to deal with the consequences?

  • If I eliminate these foods from my diet, will I still be able to go out for dinner with friends and family?

  • I am hungry, and I want to eat this food, but I know I can't. But right now, I am hungry and I want to eat.

  • Why did I eat this again?

Given the fact that the list of inflammatory foods can be quite a lot depending on the specific condition of a person, food planning can add even more frustration, resulting in more times "making another exception," which may result in irritable bowel syndrome, but not only, yet also having to deal with the mental/emotional beating oneself up for the decision that was made.

Since consuming food is something we need regularly to nurture our bodies, people with food-related obstacles can be faced with this emotionally ping-ponging on a daily basis.

My heart goes to all people suffering from any kind of gastrointestinal-related problems.

I will add lastly that mastering the understanding of the signaling of one's own digestive organs results in mastering two essential parts of life: Trust and decision-making. It allows a person to become confident with their decisions, learning to trust our guts. No pun intended ;)

Much Love, Hadi

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