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Group Mentorship

Unfold your understanding of wholistic health by engaging in a Group Workshop that goes into gut disbiosis, hormonal imbalances, joint and back pain to enhance your skillet to reduce pain sustainably. The mentorship includes wholistic health for women. 

Group Work:

A group of people support you on the journey. This Group Mentorship is the best choice if you like learning in community.

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The Power of Community

In this six part series you will identify your own self-determined goals and help others come up with tools to overcome challenges long lastingly.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of health and vitality. We look at how different physiological systems affect your ability to reach your daily goals. This could be anything from getting the groceries, picking up your children or preparing for a sports event. The mentorship offers you the tools to gain comprehensive knowledge on how the body works.

What’s special about group work?


It is a safe online space where you get to be part of a circle, sharing vulnerabilities and successes. You’re not alone, there are others going through similar life experiences with you. Together we are strong.

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3 Months Evolution Program Schedule




Understanding the foundation principles of wholistic health



Hormones & Nutrition

Understanding the Hormonal System, the Gastrointestinal Tract & Detoxification Systems



Understanding Functional Anatomy:  The Essentials

How to identify and correct postural roadblocks 


Determining exercises  that are right for you


 Physio - Psychological Junctions:

Also known as Chakras, or

Nerve Plexus: 

Where emotions meet the body


Understanding the bridge between emotion and body 


A New Horizon

Sharing breakthroughs, personal successes and challenges

Sustainably grounding your success through Qs& As to gain  deeper understanding.



At this stage the previous sessions have come together as an embodied process.

Further methods of integrating health vitality & well-being and bigger questions such as:

 What is my purpose?

What else is included?

  • Self-Assignments & Self-Audits

  • Trained in Integrated Movement Science & Kinesiology, I consult you in determining the right exercise program specific for your needs. 

Optimize your understanding of Wholistic Health

Join the Health & Vitality Program

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