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Corporate Coaching

While spending time in the private sector in Boston and Cairo, I came to understand that a corporation's success is indivisible from the success of the individuals that make up the whole.

My Approach: Firm Health and Vitality

I hope, you as an employer are caring for the health and vitality of your employees. If you are not you are making a guaranteed loss on your profits.
Don't try to safe money by reducing the working conditions and health of your employees!

Working with firms or cooperations, I evaluate through comprehensive questionnaires the individuals within the team, parallel to conducting team building exercises.


Are the employees as a team clear on what change means? Do the visions of the individuals align with that of the organization’s? 


Each employee receives a 1-1 coaching opportunity. In this process health & lifestyle factors are discussed, and advice is given, not imposed. The individual is being taken to the forefront and care is given to those areas which require individual attention. In this coaching the employee and the coach discover ways of how the individual’s well being are in fact part of a greater whole. 


Understanding that vitality and purpose-integration are complex topics, my certifications go in depth and are far reaching in diversity. From gut health, fertility to scientific back training. This makes a unique approach encompassing movement, nutrition, me-time and goal setting tools & strategies.

The outcome: More vitality and creativity.

Officer and Adviser of Sustainability 

Recently I have also begun to consult firms to reconstruct the sustainability within the firm itself. This means scanning the office in terms of what coffee are they offering, where are the beans sourced from and what impact does this have on the environment, to what the chairs are made out of and what kind of companies we are supporting by buying certain objects and equipment.


Once a firm becomes aware of the impact their purchases have, many individuals benefit from an expert in the field who has a clear understanding of true sustainability. After working with me, many firms start looking a lot more organic, the people enjoy coming to work more, since the place doesn't only look unique, but they know the the entire office is supporting local artisans and this a sustainable future.

It really is quiet paradox. If you were to walk into a UN building who pride themselves in peace, I wonder how much of their resources are harming human rights and the earth... Something to ponder on. And please remember, organic and fair trade rarely means truly organic and fair.

Once you understand that you can have purpose in every inch of your firm. You start to realize that each day you are connected to a greater good.





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