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1-1 Mentorship

In the 1-1 Health & Vitality Program we work closely together to identify your physiological stands, needs and goals.


It's all about Evolution!

  • Are you stuck in a stage of your own Evolution and can’t seem to get to the next stage, even though you know it exists!

  • Are you an employer desperately becoming more aware of the fact that your employees have no drive?

  • Do you experience chronic fatigue, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, imbalance hormonal flow, skin issues, anxiety or depression?

  • Do you rely on stimulants such as sugar, coffee etc. to feel vital?

  • Have you had great ideas and ignored them?

  • Do you feel dis-empowered by how the world is?


The training includes


  • Health & Vitality lifestyle consultations​

  • Personalized exercise program design for injury prevention, vitality and sports performance  

    • Includes regular muscle, joint and postural assessments

  • Comprehensive health & vitality questionnaires and evaluations

    • Nutritional, Hormonal, Visceral, Parasite and Fungal screening and more as needed

  • Downloadable content of lesson plans

  • PDF resources and recommended readings on relevant topics

The suggested work duration is 6, 12 or 18 months because real change takes time.

Assessment Techniques

Musculoskeletal Assessments

The functional quality of your muscles and joints for your specific lifestyle are checked. After the assessments I write a personalized exercise program for you, which is regularly updated as you progress and evolve.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Questionnaires

In depth questionnaires which take a close look at digestive, hormonal and lifestyle conditions. We then work to to clear the runway for you to reach your desired outcome with optimal vitality.


As you grow on this journey you will discover that your needs, desires and goals can be sustainably achieved, with your body becoming more vital. 

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